The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Hay Fever

Hay fever can make the sunniest seasons a misery. For some with severe hay fever, it can mean missing out on all the fun things that summer brings. You may be taking antihistamines, but did you know there are vitamins and supplements for hay fever too?

If you are looking for ways to reduce symptoms, such as lowering inflammation and itchiness, then here’s a guide to the best vitamins and supplements for hay fever.

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Vitamin C

Did you know that vitamin C is a powerful natural antihistamine? There are lots of foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries and kale.

Vitamin C for hay fever
Vitamin C for hay fever

To get the antihistamine effects of vitamin C, you will need to ingest at least 1-2 grams.

To give you an idea, a medium orange contains around 50mg of vitamin C. There are 1000mg in one gram.

So, you would need to eat the equivalent of 20 to 40 medium sized oranges to get a decent antihistamine effect. That’s a lot of fruit!

That is why a good quality vitamin C supplement for hay fever is beneficial.


The effect of probiotics on hay fever is one of the most exciting developments in treating this allergic condition. A study by the Allergy Centre Charite, Berlin, showed that in those with Birch pollen allergies, taking a probiotic supplement for four weeks significantly reduced their symptoms.

probiotic for hay fever
Probiotic supplement for hay fever

Hay fever occurs because the immune system mistakes pollen for something nasty. That is why supporting the proper functioning of the immune system may help it to recognise pollen for what it is – harmless!

Much of the immune system begins in the gut, so what we consume, or do not consume, will have an effect on it.

Drinking probiotic drinks or taking probiotic supplements containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis boosts the immune system and over time may help reduce the severity of hay fever symptoms.


Quercetin for hay fever

Quercetin for hay fever is beneficial because it is a natural antihistamine. It is a compound found in many food sources such as onions and broccoli, fruit such as apples and berries, as well as tea.

This study shows the effectiveness of quercetin as an anti-histamine, but also as an anti-inflammatory that can help calm down the allergic response after a histamine attack.

If you have other allergies such as asthma and eczema, you may also find quercetin beneficial. To get a strong enough dose, choose a quality quercetin supplement for hay fever.

Vitamin D

It has been shown that low levels of vitamin D can make allergy symptoms worse.

Make sure you are getting enough of the sunshine vitamin to help keep your defence up against pollen. Choose a good quality vitamin D supplement for hay fever.

Bee Propolis

What the heck is bee propolis? I hear you ask! Well, it is the waxy and resinous substance that bees use to seal up gaps in their hive to prevent intruders from getting in.

bee propolis
Bee Propolis hay fever

This bee glue is a mixture of beeswax, bee saliva, and compounds from different plants and flowers. In fact, bee propolis has been shown to contain over 300 different compounds! It has anti-microbial properties, and is also an anti-inflammatory.

Using bee propolis for hay fever may work as it helps to reduce inflammation that is caused by the body’s reaction to pollen.

When we ingest bee propolis, we are introducing our body to pollen and other plant materials. This way, our immune systems may begin to accept it as a non-threatening substance, helping to reduce hay fever symptoms when the pollen count is high.

Combined Hay Fever Supplements

Bee Prepared Max Strength Formula

One supplement for hay fever that combines vitamin C, bee propolis and a whole host of immunity supporting plant extracts is the Bee Prepared Immune Formula.

This is a quality supplement to boost the immune system, helping to keep viruses at bay as well as for use during the allergy seasons.

With plenty of positive reviews, it is worth checking out.

Choosing Supplements for Hay Fever

When looking for vitamins for hay fever online, it can be hard to know what to choose. You might find a single supplement is effective, or a combination. Always use a good quality brand to be sure that you get effective ingredients that give you value for money.

However you choose to fight hay fever, it all starts with a healthy immune system. Living a healthy lifestyle, combined with supportive supplements could help your hay fever symptoms over time. You may also like to try other natural ways to fight hay fever, such as acupuncture.

Have you found a hay fever supplement that works for you? Please share in the comments.

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